Matt Madhouse (born Mattia Camatta) is a London based singer-songwriter and guitarist from Milan, Italy. His biggest influences include The Beatles, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White, Radiohead and many others.

Born middle child of five, Matt immediately demonstrated a great creativity, focusing mainly in composing music and drawing.
Growing up in a family with an artistic background, he started writing songs at a very early age and developed an attitude for sounds and an interest for music equipment.
In 2006 he graduated in Illustration and Comics at School of Applied Arts of Castello Sforzesco, Milan.
During those years Matt and his eldest brother founded the progressive rock band M.O.M – Modus Operandi Musicam.

After years of gigs and a recorded album, in 2011 M.O.M broke up and in 2012 Matt decided to relocate to London, UK.

Once in London, he deepened his knowledge for music and sound by building his own project studio in 2015 and collaborating with other musicians, offering support as recording and mixing engineer.
In 2018 he started his studies in Audio Engineering at Middlesex University.

Having found a new balance, he went back to his original project of producing his own music.

When looking for a drummer, he met Francesco Lucidi – professional drummer and clinician, best known for being in the cast of Rocketman, playing John’s longtime drummer Nigel Olsson in the film co-produced by Sir Elton John himself.
Matt assisted Lucidi in some of his collaborations with artists such as Anna Phoebe and the symphonic metal band Vivaldi Metal Project, featuring names such as Mike Portnoy, Fabio Lione, Mark Boals and many others.

In 2020, after graduating at University, Matt Madhouse released his first single Before You Shoot Me Down.
Exception made for the drums – played by his now good friend Francesco Lucidi – the alternative rock song was entirely written, played and recorded by Matt in his own studio.
He also made the single’s artwork and the music video, complementing the music with his passion for drawing.

Within the first two weeks of its release, Before You Shoot Me Down reached the main European countries as well as the US and South America etc, and it is now available on all main digital music stores.